Monday, 31 December 2007

New Year 2008

Time to come down from our high horse
Get on the straight and narrow path
Turn over all our pride and vanity
Before God throws out His wrath

Our life on earth is not forever
We know not the day we shall die
We will then meet our maker
And bid this cruel world goodbye

We now begin another new year
Knowing not what it will bring
We hope for peace and love
With improvement in everything

We go forward toward the future
With faith we face each new day
Meeting the challenge it brings
Giving encouragement all the way

Reaching out with hope and kindness
Greeting our fellowman with love
Voicing praises and appreciation
To our Heavenly Father above

© 12-27-07 Norma Duncan ~aka~ Mistymaiden

Wishing you good health,
peace, love, cheer,
blessings and prosperity
this New Year and always

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