Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Getting Better All the Time

As a member of the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, I am frequently sent new information about it and its workings. So I was delighted to receive the 'Annual Review 2008' under the title Getting Better All the Time.

The Trust is one of Reading's biggest employers as well as one of the largest general hospital trusts in the country, employing over 4,000 staff and treating over half a million patients each year. Also hundreds of volunteers give up their free time on a regular basis to help patients. The volunteers come from all walks of life and their ages range from 16 to 80 plus.

But what I most want to 'blow the trumpet' about are these statistics -

16 babies born
113 emergency admissions
2,300 meals cooked
116 operations performed
475 X-rays taken
215 patients seen
£7,000 spent on repairs and maintenance

..... all in ONE DAY!

I used to joke that the 'Royal Berks.' was my second home though, thankfully, these days I only need to visit for routine check-ups, and we are very proud of our local hospital and its staff.

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