Monday, 20 April 2009

Will you walk with them?

They need your help. Will you Walk with Them?

I was imprisoned and tortured for six months because of my beliefs... I survived because I knew you were praying for me.

I want to thank everyone who prays for us, fasts for us and supports us. Now I really understand what the Bible means by one body

All over the world, persecuted Christians are crying out for help. And God is crying with them as He sees them marginalised, driven from their homes and jobs, imprisoned, tortured, some even murdered, just because they choose to follow Jesus Christ.

Here in the UK we can find it very difficult to fully understand what it means to be persecuted and in the busyness of our day to day lives we forget the people around the world suffering.

But Open Doors has a dream of a world in which every persecuted Christian is remembered and supported by other Christians.

As a fellow believer, you have a chance to do something of eternal impact today by supporting these suffering men, women and children with your prayers, gifts and actions. Will you Walk with Them?

Open Doors provides Bibles, Christian literature, training, practical help and advocacy to persecuted Christians in over 50 countries.

Take your next step towards helping persecuted Christians around the world today - find out more about how to Walk with Them. Go to or call 01993 885 400

Source: Premier Christian Radio 14/04/2009

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