Thursday, 27 September 2007

Survival! - a taste of overseas mission

This morning's post brought an invitation to our youth group to experience a taste of overseas missions by going to a Survival day at the Wycliffe Centre near High Wycombe from 10am to 4pm on 20th October.

The young people can expect -
The shock of eating an ethnic meal in a foreign way.
The need to be sensitive to the culture they are in.
Common problems/issues that face teams that go on mission trips.

There will be many interactive activities, where they'll see -
Who can be involved in Mission work NOW.
What about vision 2025 and Bible translation.
What jobs there are to do.
How to get involved now.

and all through the medium of CHOCOLATE!

They will also see what the Bible says abou mision and re-enact some real life stories of missionaries.

All this (for this first Survival event) is at only £5 (which includes lunch) for each young person and there is a free place to a youth leader for every 7 young people that are booked up. It sounds to be a very exciting day out so, if you or your youth group want to book up, you will have to hurry to make your booking by the closing date of 28th September by telephoning 01494 682345 or emailing . I certainly wish I were young again!

But if you are just reading this on 28th September, I'm fairly sure that they will fit your young people in if it's at all possible. It's worth a try!

Monday, 1st October

This morning's post brought the good news that there is still plenty of time to book for this exciting event yet, as you can see -

Hi there Olive thanks for you email! Sorry the dates are wrong on a few copies of the booking form were posted with the incorrect dates on and i am so sorry you received one of those. The booking dead line isn't for a couple of weeks yet, so please do pass it on to the youth leader and rally some troops!! The event has actually been advertised in the latest words fro life edition that came out in July, you may have seen it, if not i can send you a copy for your reference and use!

If there are other groups in the area i would love to get in touch with them too, please feel free top circulate the information anywhere you would like. IT is also on our website,

Thanks again for your email, we will do our best to get the info out there quicker in the future!

Keep On the Road.
Tim Robinson
Next Generation UK Coordinator

So if there are any young people or youth leaders reading this, there is still time to book your place. It will be well worth while.

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