Friday, 12 October 2007


At our Church Council this week, it was decided that our Church should apply for an Eco-congregation Award, so we will now be awaiting the result in due course. If we should happen to fail in any particular we will be working to improve until we have achieved that object. Application forms can be obtained from -

Eco-congregation, The Arthur Rank Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ
or email to:

The Eco-Congregation Award is given to churches that have:

Ø Worked through the churches environmental check-up
Ø Helped the whole congregation to make the link between their Christian faith and environmental concerns (growing in faith and understanding)
Ø Taken practical action in the church and/or church grounds (putting God’s house in green order)
Ø Had a positive impact on and/or worked with their local or wider community (changing lives: changing communities)

Churches must have undertaken one reasonably substantive piece of work or a number of smaller projects in each area. When there is overlap, for example a church involving the local community in improvements to their grounds, the church will be given credit for taking action in both areas.

For their first Award, churches may submit information on projects undertaken both prior to and since registering with Eco-Congregation.

The Eco-Congregation Process

It is not necessary that a church has used the Eco-Congregation modules - the Award recognises appropriate activities initiated or inspired by any source.

However, it is important that the church is able to show that their environmental concern and activity is sustainable and ongoing. For this reason, the award is renewable every 3 years. The suggestions below are not absolute criteria for gaining the award, but credit could be given to a church that has:

Ø Involved a number of people from across the church community in working through Module 1 and in undertaking particular initiatives
Ø Formed links with/involved others in the local area
Ø Sought and gained support (time/money/advice) from another organisation
Ø Reviewed and monitored progress regularly

Important Note

Eco-Congregation aims to offer something to every church, regardless of size, location, denomination or circumstances. Hence, each church will be assessed according to its own circumstances and potential.

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