Thursday, 25 October 2007


Have you ever noticed when you sit and stare
The warmth turns to chill and the sun has no glare
Is time moving faster or is it just me
But for some reason the seasons are changing
Faster than they should be

While the summer sun and the flowers blooms
Seem to give way to the bright full moons
Rainbows, flowers, sun so bright
Stars so clear, never out of sight


We never think of the change, that is very near
Gray clouds, drooped flowers, skies not so clear
Then the leaves on the trees, it's time to do their thing
Bringing glorious colors, and the birds still sing

When all of a sudden, the winters mighty hand
Takes control and makes us see, another season grand
Sparkling snow, iced up trees, still the sky is bright
Frost appearing on your window pane, what a beautiful sight


The cold wind blows, howls in the dark
And yet we know God's working his wonderful work of art
Each time the seasons change, they are never the same
Each time their beauty is astounding, with the same glorious name

It's God's way of showing us, Life has changes too
We change like the seasons, it's between God and you
Embrace the beauty God has given, its beauty everywhere
Take the time to Let God know, kneel and say a prayer

Thank you God, for the beauty you allow all of us to see
Somehow when we look your way, we know You will always be
There to remind us of your mighty, powerful hand
Giving us these seasons, so beautiful and so grand

Cathy Carletti © 2007

[Reproduced by permission.]


gavin richardson said...

i think we are skipping fall in our little area. i suppose the leaves will change colors, but it won't last very long

Olive Morgan said...

We have some beautiful colours on our trees now and so we are making the most of enjoying both the urban trees in Reading and the glorious Oxfordshire countryside nearby. The other special time in Oxfordshire - which was my husband's favourite - is the Springtime, when the fields are full of lambs skipping about and the woods are carpeted with bright swathes of bluebells.