Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Bible Society Response to Burma Crisis caused by Cyclone Nargis

I would like to share this e-mail from the Bible Society and ask you to join me in prayer as indicated, and to help by making a donation. In such a time of desperate crisis the Burmese people will need the Bible more and more.

"Reports indicate the fatalities in the Burma (Myanmar) cyclone include at least 7,000 who were Christians, among them ten church pastors. In addition, more than 300 church buildings were destroyed.

As part of a Samaritan’s Purse emergency response team for Burma, Bible Society’s Volunteer Recruitment and Development Officer, Mike Freeman, is in Bangkok, Thailand.
Once humanitarian needs have been addressed, Mike will lead an assessment programme to identify the need for Scriptures in the context of a comprehensive aid and reconstruction programme.

Please pray:

For the people of Burma who are in desperate need of the basic necessities – water, food and shelter

For God’s comfort and encouragement to bereaved families and those undergoing treatment for injuries

Concerning reports of another cyclone approaching Burma, that the country’s people are kept safe, come what may

For those working to meet both humanitarian and spiritual needs, for divine help at times of great adversity

For relief materials such as food, water purification kits and clothing to reach the people who need them most as speedily and effectively as possible

For the Bible Society of Myanmar whose staff have been badly affected by the cyclone but are still working on behalf of their people in such difficult times.

Please give thanks:

That despite difficulties some of the emergency response team were given access to the country

For the willingness of volunteers to get involved. Please pray that their work is successful in reaching those who need help

Please make a gift today to help the people of Burma

Bible Society exists to make the Bible heard. We aim to show how the Bible connects with life. We make Scriptures available where there are none and we work with the Church to help it live out the Bible's message. We do this because Bible poverty is real. And fighting it matters.

Bible Society, Stonehill Green, Westlea, Swindon SN5 7DG T: 01793 418222
F: 01793 418118 UK Registered Charity No. 232759 "


Lorna said...

Olive,lovely to hear from you. Tampere is ONLY a 2 hour drive away - so if you do come - then I will surely visit you and bring you down to our beautiful city.

(BTW ryan air flies to Tampere from Stansted - and I am sure that one ticket has your name on it)

I will be in the UK for a little over a week in mid June - but it looks as if I will be visiting more next year as I've been offered a place in Cliff College (Methodist) in Derbyshire and between the two weeks of study I will have a few days.

Could you please email me
my address is
seethroughfaith AT gmail dOt com

It would be such a lot of fun to meet with you and a real blessing too.

And seriously if you would like to come to Finland - we will bend over backwards to get you here - because you are already such a blessing!

Olive Morgan said...

Congrats on your place at Cliff. You will love it there! My son lives in Derbyshire - and I also have many connections with Cliff Cllege. Thanks for your email address on which I'll contact you soon.