Monday, 5 May 2008

Come to Birmingham for Journey to Justice

Ten years ago I went to Birmingham as one of the 70,000 people forming a human chain round the centre of Birmingham at a time when the politicians from the 8 Summit nations were gathering there for a conference. As a result, $800 billion of debt has been cancelled - but there is $4,000 billion debt that needs to be written off. The momentum has slowed down now and the pressing need for cancellation must be highlighted once more.

So come to Birmingham on 18 May to mark ten years since our 70,000-strong human chain in 1998, and to celebrate what the Drop the Debt campaign has achieved so far and to demand that politicians finish the job.

I will not be able to be there in person because I shall be at the Wycliffe Associates weekend conference in High Wycombe, which will be addressing another urgent world need - the provision of at least part of the Scriptures in their heart language for all people by 2025.

However, one of the members of our house group will be going to Birmingham and returning in time to give a report in our evening service, which that day is being led by our house group. So we have planned the service to highlight the plight of desperate people all over the world and what we can do to help them for Jesus' sake.


Sally said...

Olive, you are an inspiration, I won't be able to be there, but thank you for raising my awareness of this event.

Olive Morgan said...

I am sure that your prayers, like those of all of us who cannot actually be in Birmingham, will be very much appreciated and equally further the cause, Sally.