Thursday, 2 October 2008

Autumn Season

Autumn season is here once again
Such pretty trees of red, yellow and gold
The autumn winds are strong and chilly,
As the leaves fall, it's a beauty to behold.

The leaves fall and break from the trees
Oh how nice stepping on the crunchy leaves
Listening to the sound of the autumn wind,
God created everything from beginning to end.

Summer is over, the flowers have faded
The grass is not growing as tall
The leaves break and fall to the ground,
A shifting change, God's hand is in it all.

We know who holds the world in place
Who gently holds us in His hands
We too are living in the autumn of life,
Autumn winds blow, but God understands.

Yes, we feel the gentle chill of fall
We smell the scent of lovely flowers
With summer past and autumn here,
We give God thanks for His love and cheer.

Bernice Ward © 2005
Bernice's Inspirations

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