Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Evangelical Alliance hosts Money; Let’s Talk seminar to urge and equip Christians to address financial issues head on

Churches are failing their members and communities by avoiding talking openly about money and debt, says the Evangelical Alliance.

The Alliance wants to equip churches to avoid shying away from money taboos and to directly address financial issues, especially during the current financial climate. The Money; Let’s Talk seminar, as part of the Pentecost Festival, will provide a proactive way of taking up this challenge.

Chris Tapp, Director of Credit Action, said: “Money is generally seen as a very private subject and this all too often leads to reluctance on the part of churches in discussing financial matters. However it is an absolutely crucial issue for Christians to tackle especially today when so many in our churches and communities are struggling desperately with money and debt issues.

“Unfortunately pastors and church leaders may feel ill equipped to address the topic and that’s why we want to give practical advice and encouragement to people who can then teach and support others in the area of money management. Money; Let’s Talk is a fabulous opportunity to do this.”

This seminar, hosted by the Evangelical Alliance on Saturday 30 May from 2-5pm at Church.co.uk, will look at how Christians can respond to the economic situation, address financial concerns and will emphasise the vital contribution Christians must make practically in their local area and how to participate in the ongoing conversation.

Through interactive group discussions and expert speakers, Money; Let’s Talk will examine how we talk about money and the vital role that churches must play in fighting insecurity, unemployment and debt. This event aims to enlighten, encourage and equip attendees to teach on and support others in these areas of life

The day’s sessions will be led and informed by Chris Tapp, Director of Credit Action and John Preston, the National Stewardship and Resources Officer for the Church of England.

Money; Let’s Talk is part of the Alliance’s Life Beyond Debt campaign and is free to attend but those interested in participating in the discussion are asked to register at www.eauk.org/lifebeyonddebt. When registering online, attendees are given an opportunity to win two free cinema tickets to see the film Son of Man, showing at 6pm the same day in Leicester Square.


truffler said...

Hi Octmusing

I think it is a cultural thing in Britain not to talk up front about financial giving.

In South Africa my experience of the church was that they were very forward.

It is interesting that money was high on the agenda for Jesus.This is reflected in the number of times it comes up in the gospels. Paul shows in a number of texts that giving is a ministry of compassion (not a separated administative act).

Ironically I think that often those with the least amount of financial resources give more.i.e. pensioners.

However in mitigation I have found that British people give very generously to oversea projects.

Olive Morgan said...

Thanks, truffler. Money is very much a part of life's agenda, whether we are rich or poor or in-between, yet it seems to me that we don't pay enough attention to training the young in how to use it wisely and for the good of all.

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