Saturday, 2 May 2009

Kidnapped nurse prays for attacker

A nurse who was discovered locked in a car boot within hours of death has said she will pray for her attacker. Magdeline Makola, 38, an Edinburgh cardiology nurse, was bound and gagged and locked in her own car boot for ten days before she was found. On Boxing Day, Justice Ngema, 35, a failed South African asylum seeker, had forced his way into Miss Makola’s home and forced her to give him the pin numbers to her bank cards. Despite the incident, Miss Makola said, ‘I feel no anger towards him, only pity. I wish him well in the future and I will pray for him.’ She said she ‘spent a lot of time praying’ during her ordeal and ‘Praying gave me a lot of strength’.

Source: Daily Telegraph (24/4)


Granny Annie said...

One of my greatest banking mentors was in her 80's when she was kidnapped from her home by robbers. She was taken to the country, beaten and raped. A man working nearby heard her screams and came to her aid. He was killed and she was killed. When the assailants were captured, one of them told of her offering them her forgiveness over and over until she died. I loved this woman and will never forgive those horrible beasts. Yet it does not amaze me that she did.

Olive Morgan said...

Such forgiveness is truly wonderful. Thanks, grannie Annie.
I've just come home after visiting my liitle two-year pld great-granddaughter, who enjoyed having the attention of two grandmothers and a great-grandma. When we were leaving, she burst into tears, saying, 'People going.'