Thursday, 15 October 2009

Beyond reach?

Having already posted a recent sermon by John Madeley, I now have pleasure in introducing a new book by John Madeley which will be published this week:-

Beyond Reach?
Publication date: 17th October 2009

When a feisty young married woman inspires a church minister, known for his inappropriate choice of women, to join a campaign to end poverty, the result is an explosive mix that takes them into a world that neither bargained for.

Set in 2005 this novel is an eye-witness account of the Make Poverty History campaign, of the scrapes and joys of campaigning for a just cause.

Taking the reader through English suburbia, to Gleneagles in Scotland, and Niger, West Africa, John Madeley tells a sensitive, witty story of a relationship between people who are dedicated to ending poverty, Their relationship energises them for the campaign, leading them to a devastating exposé of government duplicity.

Anyone who took part in the Make Poverty History campaign, who bought a wrist band, who now wants to see the end of poverty, or who just wants a good read, will find this an inspiring book.

‘A revealing story about a scandal of our time, witty, sharp - and above all urgent’ - Rosie Boycott

‘In this amusing novel, John Madeley links modern ethics and politics with the age-old issues of relationships and the meaning of life. All this, with serious intent, too’ - Tim Lang

‘In the tradition of Saturday, this outstanding novel weaves together the world of public events with the private world of individual lives’ - Carl Rayer

‘Be warned, this book could change your life’ - Ann Pettifor

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mollygolver said...

I love reading. Sounds exciting one for my list