Friday, 16 October 2009

Eating Well with Kidney Failure

Following on from my post last Saturday
Potassium is the key , I am pleased to report that I have now obtained a book of 50 recipes that have been tried and tested to create a healthy diet for anyone with kidney malfunction (from those just slightly affected to those who have to undergo dialysis). It also contains good advice and helpful hints for making sure that your restricted diet contains enough protein and vitamins and for limiting the salt, phosphate and potassium in your diet without it being boring and inadequate.

So I can recommend "Eating Well with Kidney Failure - A practical guide and cookbook" to anyone who has been told to limit their phosphate or potassium intake. It deals with all levels of kidney malfunction and can make life much easier and meals much more interesting. It is written by Helena Jackson, Annie Cassidy, and Gavin James,'with the help and support of our renal and dietetic colleagues at St. George's and King's College Hospitals', and is published by Class Publishing, Barb House, Barb Mews, London W6 7PA .

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