Sunday, 29 November 2009

Poirot actor fears Christianity is getting a raw deal

David Suchet worries that Christianity is being marginalised in Britain in deference to other religions. The star of the long-running Poirot TV series believes ‘we should embrace all religions and marginalise none. But we seem more concerned with marginalising Christianity, and not offending other faiths.’ His concern crystallised after Government aid was recently withdrawn from a Christian charity that he supports. He says: ‘We are in danger of losing the importance of the Christian faith in our own country.’ Christian Peoples Alliance leader Alan Craig agrees: ‘Christianity is being marginalised by those who rule our society.’ Suchet, who found God after reading the Bible 20 years ago, has been open about his beliefs in several interviews.

Sources: Daily Mail (26/11); Daily Express (26/11)


Snuffee said...

Well I never knew he was a Christian. Well done him for speaking out, it is so very true indeed what he says.

Granny Annie said...

Good for him to speak out and to admit he is Christian. The same thing is happening in the U.S. and our leading actors are only making it worse. Far be it from anyone in Hollywood to speak out in favor of Christianity. Bravo to your David Suchet!

Olive Morgan said...

Yes, indeed. I wish more celebrities would do so. Then we might see a change for the better.