Thursday, 12 November 2009

Synchronised Blogging on Digimission

Today is designated as a synchronised bloging day on the subject of Digimission but i have seen no evidence of this on any of the blogs i have visited. Digimission is a subject very close to my heart because it was the reason I took up blogging in the first place.

My earliest years in blogging were the happiest because I was in direct touch with so many young people, many of whom had problems that they discussed with me and I answered them from a Christian viewpoint. But my blog then was also a mixture of fun and seriousness, as I posted games and puzzles and trick questions. It really was great fun and I felt that I had a host of young eager blog friends, including a 25 year old who was traumatised after escaping the 9/11 bombings. Then my server Modblog went out of business and i lost my digi-family.

I have not found such a ministry since then, despite my yearnings to find another effective way of digimission. I enjoy blogging still, but it is now much more a sharing of information with like-minded Christian people and there seemms to be no contact with the unchurched people, especially young people, out there in the world. I sem to be fulfilling a purpose for a number of people, but it is certainly not what I felt called to do when i took up blogging. So I shall be very interested to learn what IS being effective NOW in digimission.

I get the feeling that one has to be on facebook and twitter these days to be really in touch with the 'real' world, but i don't feel that these are for me. Twitter is such a shallow means of communication and certainly NOT a channel on whch a young man could pour out his heart, pleading for help. I may be wrong but I shy away from Facebook because it seems to me that I would get such a huge number of followers that I would not have time for all the other things that I do besides blogging. So I have not entered that hiher echelon of blogging - yet.

I was hoping that I would be reading lots of brilliant ideas for digimission today, so I am very disappointed. I hope I haven't disappointed you too much! So all I can do is to refer you to this link: .

Update - For those who have not yet visited the Slipstream website, I feel that the following details might be helpful and perhaps encourage others to book for this Digimission event.

When: 1st December 2009 10.30am to 3.00pm

Where: St. Paul's Church, Robert Adam Street, London W1

Cost: £12 early bird rate until 16 November
£15 after 16 November, booking deadline 25 November
Booking online only

For other details, visit the Slipstream website.

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