Thursday, 10 December 2009

Service on skates makes a n-ice impression

Attendance at Stuart Cradduck’s church may not have been slipping before, but the congregation certainly was after he put a plastic ice rink inside the building. The vicar of St George’s at Whyke in West Sussex came up with the idea to attract more people to a five-day Christmas tree festival held in the church. The Sun newspaper called Revd Cradduck ‘barmy’ and ‘eccentric’ as well as ‘cool’, but he had the last laugh as 4,500 people came through the doors. Asked why he did it, Revd Cradduck didn’t skate around the issue: ‘I want people to know that church isn’t just a boring thing. We want to show people that it’s a place to celebrate life.’

Source: The Sun (30/11)


Dave Perry said...

Thanks for sharing this Olive. Great story.

Olive Morgan said...

That took som courage to do! I wish more of us were prepared to take risks in order to spread the Gospel.