Monday, 7 December 2009

Tory leader attacks Labour’s policy on marriage

David Cameron has reprimanded the government for its ‘pathological’ denial that marriage is the best option for couples and parenting. The Conservative leader said, if elected, he would encourage marriage. Mr Cameron singled out Children's Secretary Ed Balls for particular criticism because of his assertion that children’s welfare is not necessarily related to marriage. Mr Cameron pointed out that most other European countries are happy to promote marriage, and that he would give tax breaks to civil partnerships as well as married couples. Meanwhile, the government-funded Family and Parenting Institute suggested that the traditional family is disappearing and advised against trying to prevent its decline through financial incentives.

Source: Daily Mail (1/12)


kat said...

Good one on Tory leader attacks Labour’s policy on marriage - it helps a lot!

We clearly share similar parenting experiences and views.
I've been reading one that I'm hooked on -
I have a feeling you'd get a lot out of it.

Incredible job on your blog; keep it up.


Olive Morgan said...

Thanks, Peter. I'll do my best but time is at a premium at this time of the year.