Friday, 1 January 2010

Forward into 2010

On this first day of the new Year 2010 I send greetings to all my friends, wishing them a very blessed New Year, with many more disciples won for Christ so that His Kingdom grows in grace and in strength. May God direct all our labours and give us a new vision of how we should fulfil our calling.

With just 6 weeks before the beginning of Lent, Churches Together in Caversham are planning for the Lenten Study groups, with this interesting slogan -

"Don't give up Chocolate this year...... Take it up........

Lent groups 2010, will take a different form than other years, it will be
based around the film ‘Chocolate’ and there will be a sign up sheet in each
church at the beginning of the new year…"

This will certainly be different and should prove to be very interesting.


Amy said...

Happy new year, Olive!

Olive Morgan said...

Thanks, Amy. It's good to hear from you. A Happy New Year to all of you, too.

Granny Annie said...

Hooray, you've encouraged me to make my resolution "Eat more chocolate". Happy New Year to you too!

Olive Morgan said...

I'm not sure that that's what we are going to be told, Grannie Annie, but a lot of people would love to join you in that resolution! I'll let you know about it later! The study has been suggested by our Deacon, whom everyone knows to be a chocoholic!

mollygolver said...

Happy New Year from me as well xx