Saturday, 23 January 2010

TV's Religious output

Synod motion to criticise TV’s religious output

The Church of England’s governing body is to debate the ‘sensationalist and unduly critical nature’ of TV coverage of religion. Noting that the quantity of religious programming has declined, a lay member’s motion will also lament its quality. Former BBC producer Nigel Holmes will claim at the Synod in February that even the ‘few remaining programmes’ are being marginalised. He says that the BBC’s percentage of religious output has dropped by a third in the last ten years, while ITV’s has reduced to ‘next to nothing’, and broadcasters have ‘a lack of sympathy for, and ignorance of, religion’. The Guardian commented that our ‘sneering’ media as a whole is ‘almost uniquely out-of-touch with the world of religion.’

Sources: The Guardian (18/1, 19/1); Daily Telegraph (18/1); Church Times (22/1)

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