Saturday, 8 May 2010

With Great Sadness

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that our Mum, Olive passed away on the 5th of May, 2010 in the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

We would like to offer our warmest, heartfelt thanks to all who have followed her blog, enriching her life with interest and happiness.

She will be greatly missed by all those who knew her.

Tony and Sheila Morgan.


Anonymous said...

Your mum was a wonderful lady, and I will miss her.

mollygolver said...

Your Mum was very special. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. I have written a little tribute to her on my May 5th post on my blog site. May she rest in peace.

Richard Hall said...

Olive brought something special to the little world of Methodist blogging, and I know she contributed in many other ways too. We'll miss her.

Granny Annie said...

Thank you so much for letting us know. She was truly a great woman with a love of Methodism and a willingness to share her knowledge. I would imagine she would have requested contributions to her church as a memorial. Can you share where I might send such a donation? I pray God's comforting blessings on all of you.

Paul Martin said...

Indeed she was a truly fantastic lady. I only met her over a short gathering of Methodist bloggers. We were all so much younger than your mother but she was the epitome of both good judgement and vibrancy.

Some friends of mine met her at her own church a number of weeks ago. I had asked them to speak to Olive on her visit. They found her to be a delightful and impressive woman.

Those afraid of ageing could have done well to meet Olive.Her use of blogging for her faith wasa gift to many of us. A Christ follower who touched so many.

Sally said...

So sorry to hear that, she was a very special lady.

Rev. Jeremy Smith said...

Very sorry to hear this. Blessings and peace to you and your family.

Dave said...

What a gracious lady your Mum was. I only knew that through our Internet exchanges, but I felt I knew her through them. I am saddened to read of her passing. May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

DaveW said...

Tony and Sheila,

Thanks for sharing this sad news. I was one of the privileged ones that met Olive a number of times, at the UK bloggers meeting and at Methodist Conference.

Her example of determined, faithful, loving, enthusiastic discipleship was inspiring and encouraging.

Over the years we have also enjoyed hearing of her delight in her family and some of her adventures. Her description of the fairly recent family wedding (and the journey excitement) was lovely.

She will be greatly missed.

Fat Prophet said...

I believe Olive has touched many lives through her blogging and many other activities and I am confident she will have heard those words 'Well done thou good and faithful servant'.
May God bless you all at this sad time

Beth said...

Oh I am deeply saddened! She was such an inspiration! God Bless! Thanks for taking the time to update us!

PamBG said...

Tony & Sheila: I too was able to meet your mum at the Methodist Bloggers get-together as well as at Conference in 2008 when she attended my ordination and had lunch before the service with me, my husband and a friend. She had an indefatigable spirit - as I'm sure you know - and was a testimony to God's love. My condolences to your family.

Allan R. Bevere said...

How sorry I am to hear of Olive's passing, but what a gift we have all received in knowing her.

Thanks be to God for her life and faithful witness!

Carol E. said...

I enjoyed having contact with a Methodist from across the sea (I'm in USA). She was a strong and dedicated Christian. Blessings on her family.

Anonymous said...

Tony and Sheila,

I have followed your mother's blog over the past years and have been amazed by all she has done and achieved.

As she had not written over the past month, I was concerned that she might not be well, and therefore appreciate your writing on her blog page.

I was so saddened to learn of her passing - she was a link to my mother as they were very good friends - and send to you both and all of your family my sympathy at this very sad time for you.

Janet Jones (nee Caldwell)

Angela Shier-Jones said...

In spite of her age, Olive was 'Methodism's own 'Fresh Expression' of a Local Preacher - on-line and up-to-date, engaged and relevant, passionate and pertinent.'

I feel honoured to have been counted one of her virtual friends.

We will all miss her musings.

God Bless

Will said...

Prayers for Olive, her family and her friends ascending. I will miss her and her visits and comments on my blog.

Snuffee said...

Dear Aunty Olive was a wise disciple of Christ and full of His love.
Who is probably laughing and having a great celebration with the Lord right now.

She was a great inspiration to me!

I remember only a few years ago having a fantastic time with her after having met up at an Easter People conference in Torquay and we went kite flying in the park with 100's of others. Great memories indeed.

Love and prayers to you both Cousin Tony and Cousin Shelia

Simone said...

Your Mother was a very special lady to our family. When My family moved to Caversham over 20 years ago Olive was one of the first people to welcome us to the area.She was always offering to help us in whatever way she could When two members of my family died in 2000 My brothers She was a constant support for us always reminding us of her love & prayers for us.
We only just heard the news and we're heart broken. May God rest her in his sweetest peace she will never be forgotten by us.
Our Condolence go out to the family.
The Pyle Family Hemdean Road.

Anonymous said...

Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself. ........................................

Amy said...

I had been missing Olive's insights and reflections and had wondered about her well being. Thank you for sharing this on the blog. I will greatly miss her and her perspectives on faith and Methodism.

My husband and I are in North Carolina, USA, but we spent a year serving Methodist churches from '08-'09. We were in the Reading area and had the privilege of knowing Olive during our time in England. We spent a lovely afternoon with her, enjoying lunch at one of her favorite pubs near to Reading. (I wish I could remember the name.) We talked for several hours over several courses. She graciously toured us around her wonderfully mature garden, and we indulged in the beauty of it all. We will never forget her kindness before, during, and following our time in England.

I will certainly miss her "octomusings" but will always remember her. Is there an obituary available? I haven't been successful in finding one online.

I wish you and your family much peace.

Amy Spivey

Jan said...

I live in SC in the US. I just got to "know" your mum about a year ago through this blog, and I feel like I have lost a great friend. What a great gift she has been to so many!! I will really miss her wit and her insight. I am thanking God right now for lending her to us.

David said...

I remember Rev Steve Wild describing Olive as the "Conference groupie" as we all sat down to breakfast one morning. That summed her up somehow - she enjoyed the company of the 'people called Methodist' and we were very much the richer for her company. If I remember correctly, Steve had us singing her Happy Birthday as well - would late June or right at the beginning of July fit with her birthday?

She was a wonderful person who shone with the light of God - the God who has now welcomed her safely home. We will miss her, but one day we will see her again. My love and prayers are with you all.