Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Don't miss BBC1's "The Passion"!

The TV showing of "The Passion" at peak viewing times during Holy Week should start people talking about Jesus and the Gospel. It is important that Christians should not only watch this pure drama (not theological) version of the Passion so that they can be ready to correct wrong impressions (if there are any) and to join in the discussions so that others may be led, in time, into true comitment as disciples of Jesus.

Episode 1

Palm Sunday 16th March, BBC ONE, 8pm

It's Passover in Jerusalem, and the city is bursting with pilgrims. It's a tense time for those charged with keeping order - like Pilate the Roman Prefect and Caiaphas the High Priest. The arrival of a preacher from Galilee called Jesus causes great excitement when he enters through the East Gate on a donkey's colt, fulfilling prophecies of the coming of the Messiah. For Jesus' band of disciples, hardened by several years on the road, this is the moment they've been waiting for, but none of them suspects how momentous this week will be.

Episode 2

Monday 17th March, BBC ONE, 8.30pm (after Eastenders)

Caiaphas is growing increasingly anxious that Jesus' preaching will provoke unrest and bring in the Romans, and when Jesus appears to threaten the Temple it's the final straw. As Jesus tries to explain his destiny to the disciples, Caiaphas calls a council and presents it with a stark choice. With Passover approaching, a fateful decision is taken, and Judas finds himself placed in an impossible position.

Episode 3

Good Friday 21st March, BBC ONE, 8.30pm (after Question of Sport)

Jesus shares his Last Supper with the disciples, and teaches them their last and most important lesson. Whilst Judas slips away to fetch the Temple guards, Jesus leads the disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane and tries to prepare himself for what is to come. The next few hours will bring him face to face with Caiaphas, with Pilate and with his own destiny.

Episode 4

Easter Sunday 23rd March, BBC ONE, time TBC (around 8pm)

As Jesus is taken from the cross and buried, his disciples cower in hiding. Caiaphas, fearful that the body will be stolen, orders the tomb to be guarded. But when Mary Magdalene discovers it empty, a chain of events is about to begin that will transform the lives of the disciples and reverberate throughout the world for the next two thousand years.

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