Friday, 14 March 2008

Repeat Viewings of BBC1's 'The Passion'

"I'm not sure that I'm going to watch it!" said a very staunch church member to me this morning. Let's face it, 'The Passion' will not be cosy, easy viewing if it is to be a true depiction of the sufferings of Jesus, so I can understand any reluctance on the part of practicing Christians to suffer this new production of 'the Passion'. Yet it is being shown at peak viewing times, just after Eastenders, which means that in the days that follow it will be in the thoughts and conversations of millions of people who do not come to church.

If Christians do NOT watch 'The Passion', how can they talk about it confidently with their neighbours - thus losing an opportunity to answer criticisms (if any) or to share their faith in a natural context. So I am glad to pass on this message from Methodist Church House telling us that the BBC has decided to repeat the first 3 episodes en bloc on Easter Sunday afternoon. We have a Gospel to proclaim! Let us be ready to do so this Easter, so that others may hear God speaking and respond.

Easter Sunday scheduling
The BBC has announced that episodes 1,2 and 3 of The Passion will be repeated en bloc on Easter Sunday 23rd March at 2.15pm after the Eastenders Omnibus. This is intended for all those who've missed it during the week or would like to catch up.

The final episode, dealing with the resurrection appearances, will then transmit at 7.30pm

Follow-up material
The team at have produced some fabulous resources to back up the series, including exclusive interviews. They are intended as a source for those who would like to go a step further in exploring faith. Please have a look, and if you can do anything at this stage to publicise that link, please do so.

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