Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Risen Christ Changes People!

On this joyful Easter morn, I must spare a few minutes before going to our early Easter morning Holy Communion of celebration, to ask if you heard this morning's 'Something Understood' on BBC radio? It was given over entirely to an interview with Archbishop Tutu in which he spoke powerfully about the way his firm belief throughout all the Apartheid trials that God is in charge of the world and that people can change, so that enemy can become friend.

In addition to watching 'The Passion' on BBC TV today, may I urge you to listen to the repeat of 'Something Understood' later tonight. It is a priceless jewel!


gavin richardson said...

hey olive, that sounds like great stuff. i don't know how to get bbc radio over here. is there a recording out there in cyberland?

Olive Morgan said...

Hi, Gavin, You can get BBC programmes on within one week of the actual programme(s). Unfortunately, your comment came just outside that time limit and I've been trying to see if I could get a recording for you. It seemed that I had drawn a blank, but after this morning's service a friend (who knew nothing of this) said that he had a DVD of that
'Something Understood' interview for me! So now I can let you have a copy if I have your address. It occurs to me that two UMC Ministers serving in the UK (Will Grady and Pam Garrud)may know your address, so I will ask them.