Saturday, 2 August 2008


Anglican bishops will today consider a covenant setting out core doctrine which all of the denomination’s 38 provinces will be expected to abide by. This is one of several important changes the Archbishop of Canterbury is proposing to secure future unity. Another suggestion that has emerged during this week’s talks has been to stage a ‘mini-Lambeth’ every three years to give bishops more frequent contact and opportunities to resolve disputes. The leadership of the Communion is also challenged today by one of those leading the boycott of Lambeth by conservatives. Archbishop Henry Orombi of Uganda criticises Dr Rowan Williams in The Times and says the spiritual leadership of the Anglican Communion should not be entrusted to someone appointed by the British government. He described this ‘as a remnant of British colonialism’ that ‘is not serving us well’.

Sources: The Times (1/8); The Guardian (1/8)

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