Monday, 11 August 2008


I may not be able to blog for a few days because I'm just waiting for my son to collect me and take me to his home in Derbyshire where aalmost all the family are gathered for our summer break together - all, that is, except for Emily who went back to London uesterday and perhaps David who had to go into hospital there this morning. We are hoping that he may not have to stay in, but there is always a big question mark with David's health.

I am looking forward to seein (and playing with) my great-grandchild, Louisa, who will have changed quite a bit since I last saw her in Kent on her first birthday.I will also enjoy watching the Olympics on their bid screen - and I won't be feeling guilty that I ought to be doing something, so it should be a good holiday for me.Lorna will appreciate it when I say that I've been working hard before going away to get some piles of papers sorted out and to catch up on any housework that has been crying out to be done ltely, so it will be good to come back to a much more tidy house.


PamBG said...

Hope you all have a great holiday and enjoy being with each other.

Olive Morgan said...

Thanks, Pam. We did - but it seems awfully quiet now I'm back on my own! Baby Louisa is trying out her legs now and is fine - until she realises what she's doing and then she flops to the floor. She's also trying hard to talk but so far can only manage Mummy and 'Row, row, row' - which everyone else finishes off as 'the boat gently down the stream'. Next time I get to see her she'll have changed quite a bit.

Olive Morgan said...

David was back home from hospital by the time we arrived there on Monday. He had had to have his miracle injection several days early because the nurse was going on holiday, so we think that may have upset the rythm of his treatment. He was fine for the rest of my stay - such a great improvement from his condition at Christmas.