Sunday, 10 August 2008

Timing is Everything - Especially God’s !

An email this week brought exciting news from friends of mine who are working as Bible Translators for Wycliffe Bible Translators USA -

"In answer to your prayers, and ours, I want to share the following report
from Dick Mueller for your encouragement. Four years ago God did not let
this happen; however in His timing ...

“March 4th the first Volume of six Hutterisch Bible stories arrived in Linda
Maendel's house. Linda is my Hutterite coworker in Elm River colony in
Manitoba. We opened the box and each grabbed a book and started looking
at it. We gave Linda's 70 year old Mother a copy. She had read little, if any
Hutterisch previously. We asked her to read the book aloud. She began
reading aloud, and continued to read until she had finished the 180 page
book, about 10 or 15 minutes later.

The next morning we went to the school, and gave the books to three 6th
to 8th graders. They immediately each began reading, seemingly not even
taking any time to look at the beautiful color pictures on each page. At
about a third of the way through the book Damion said, "I want one!," and
kept reading till each of them finished the book. After they finished, we
asked them which language they could read and understand better? Damion
answered, "Hutterisch, because that is my language."

One mother of a 3 year old says she has already read the book over 100
times. Another says her preschool son calls it “My Bible.” PRAISE GOD!"

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