Thursday, 17 September 2009

Church leaders’ public support for Credit Union

Cornwall’s three senior Church leaders are next month going public with their support for the credit union by signing up to Cornish Community Banking.
The Chair of the Methodist Church in Cornwall, The Anglican Bishop of Truro and the Roman Catholic Bishop of Plymouth will all sign on the dotted line to make a difference to the lives of some of the poorest people in the county.
The public sign-in will be on Tuesday, October 6, on the Piazza at Lemon Quay, Truro, between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.
Members of Speaking in Drums will be beating out the rhythm of justice at the same time.
This is the Church in action in the local community - acting to bring hope right at the heart of the economic concerns that are affecting so many people.
Members of church communities are being invited to join their leaders on the day by bringing a photo ID and utility bill and becoming a member of the Credit Union as well. All the money will be safe and working in Cornwall.

Source: Metodist News Service 17/09/09

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