Thursday, 24 September 2009


Only one year ago, 50, 000 Christians were forced from their homes in Orissa state, India, because of their faith. In this ruthless persecution over 120 people died and 300 villages were destroyed, leaving many homeless.

We need 50, 000 people, one for each of the Christians who have suffered, to contact Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh of India and to urge him to seek justice for our Christian brothers and sisters. They should not have to worship in fear.

Current Situation
A year on from the decimation of the Christian people and their homes in Orissa, over 4,000 are still displaced and continue to face hardship and persecution.

They cannot return home because of their fear for their lives and the threat of forced conversion. Their situation is desperate, but you can make a difference.

Please go to and fill in the form provided to ask the Indian government to seek justice for the victims of this campaign of hate. We want the government to try the perpetrators, protect the witnesses and compensate the victims. With your help we can do this.

Sourse: Premier Christian Media 24/09/2099

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