Friday, 18 July 2008

A John Wesley Descendant!

I'm almost at the end of sorting myself out after being in Scarborough for Conference, including getting my computer to deliver my e-mails, so I hope to be writing interesting posts again soon.

However, I just have to tell you all about the surprising news that reached me this morning in an e-mail updating me about my great-niece's wedding in Sunderland on 5th September. This is what came in the middle of all the stuff about hymns and dresses and flowers and house decorating -

"I was in Scarborough on July 5th-6th for my friends hen night I wished I had known you were going I could have arranged to meet up with you. Where you in Scarborough during those dates?

"Have I mentioned that I am marrying Neal whose surname is Wesley and that he is a descendant of John Wesley?? His grandmother still has one of John Wesley’s original prayer books – clearly this should be in a museum. My mum really liked the idea I was marrying a descendant of the founder of the Methodist Church. Did you enjoy the conference? It would be lovely if we could all get together in September."

I had previously only known the bridegroom as 'Neal' so this was a surprise! It will cost extra to talk to me after 5th September when we have a descendant of John Wesley in the family!


Mr John Cooper said...

Conversation with you is always priceless anyway!

With Warm Regards


Olive Morgan said...

We had a good time together at Conference, didn't we? That was a bonus finding you almost on the next stand!