Monday, 21 July 2008

Prayers for President and Vice-President.

Our new President and Vice-President are now continuing to blog as their predecessors did and the President, the Revd Stephen Poxon, asks for our prayers for our Anglican friends who have had such difficult issues to deal with in the Lambeth Conference.

We will also need to pray for the President as he sets off to visit the Methodists in New Zealand and then goes on to Tonga for the coronation of their new king! He invites us to watch the Presidential blog for details of these interesting, exciting and (no doubt) inspiring overseas visits, which I will eagerly await.

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Olive Morgan said...

Since writing this the Vice-President, David Walton, has asked us to pray for our youth leaders, who do a tremendous job in this difficult area of church life. The Vice-President himself will soon be off to join with thousands of young people at the Greenbelt Festival, so he will need our prayers for the impact of his speaking on the young people there.