Tuesday, 15 July 2008

My blocked Inbox

Since my return from Conference in Scarborough, I've been unable to access any of my incoming mail, despite all my efforts to rectify this, so if any of you reading this have sent me an e-mail message please understand that I am unable to reply until I can read your message! It is very frustrating and my attempts to solve the problem are taking up all my spare time at present - just when I was hoping to report my experiences at the Wycliffe Associates Annual Conference and the Methodist Conference. This week should have been a week of ample free time to catch up on things and search out old photos and newspaper cuttings to give to the archivist who is writing a book of the history of our church for our Centenary next year. I'm tearing my hair!


sheila said...

Good luck with getting your email sorted out. In the meantime, why don't you open an account with yahoo or gmail or something like that and send a circular with your alternative address. At least you would receive your emails!

Olive Morgan said...

All's well again now, thanks to an expert friend from church.