Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Bad hair day!

A number of ladies at our church are quite upset at the news that our faithful hairdressing establishment closed down on 3rd November 'due to circumstances beyond our control'. There is, of course, speculation as to the unforeseen circumstances that have led to this, but we know that the owner hairdresser has not been well lately and we see other small businesses closing down because of the credit crunch.

It is nevertheless a great shock for people like me who have been reliant on that hairdressing establishment for a long time - in my case 60 years! Of course, it has changed ownership in those years and the staff has changed from time to time but to have a good hairdresser just down the road has been so very convenient.

So now the search goes on for a suitable, reliable and local hairdresser. It makes quite a difference which one we choose because your hairdresser can change your whole appearance. I had my last appointment during the last few days of their days in business and I remember thinking that it was odd that there were only two 'girls' in the salon and no customers, but I put it down to it being lunchtime.

I do hope that, when I next need the services of a hairdresser, I don't find that they have too many bookings because of taking on the large clientele of the oldest established salon in Caversham! I notice that several small businesses of various kinds are now closed in Reading, so perhaps we shall have to get used to more closures as the recession takes its toll on local businesses.


see-through faith said...

My friend's daughter (here in finland) has just started hairdressingschool ... she needs guinea pigs and I'm hoping she'll take me. Hoping it won't be a bad hair day.

Maybe there's a trainee inyour area who could come and cut/set your hair in your home. That would be lovely :) at least I think so.

Olive Morgan said...

I have a friend whose daughter worked at the now closed salon, so it's possible that I could employ her. I haven't yet been in touch to find out where she will working in the future.

I'm wondering if you are aware of the trainee hairdressing salon we set up in Vietnam in memory of my husband - see ? (This is subsidiary to the main website
You can easily pick out my daughter (the only fair one) in the group photograph.

mollygolver said...

it's a shame your hairdresser shop has folded. We are fortunate to have 5 hairdressers in Welshpool which is only a very small town. My hair is very fine and causes me a lot of grief, however I try to think of the story of the Velveteen Rabbit - the bit where the rocking horse tells him that he has n hair because it's all been loved off - I like that bit. Don't know if you know the story!!

Olive Morgan said...

No, I don't know that story, but it sounds to be a good one.

There are at least 4 other hairdressers in the 'village' as we call it. It's now a suburb of Reading and it would be easy enough to go to a salon in town if I wanted.