Tuesday, 18 November 2008


The popular Christian satellite channels Revelation TV (Sky 585) and Genesis TV (Sky 592) are to broadcast a special one-hour programme, featuring the ministry of Release, in December.

The programme will be an overview of the persecution facing Christians worldwide, and will be followed by a 30-minute discussion which looks ahead to the prospects facing the persecuted church in 2009. The discussion will include CEO Andy Dipper and journalist Andrew Boyd as special guests.

When these are first broadcast on Tuesday December 9 (see below), the discussion will include a live phone-in, allowing viewers to put their comments and questions.

If you receive these channels, please consider inviting your Christian friends round to watch this special coverage, which promises to be both inspiring and informative.

The programme and discussion will be broadcast as part of World in Focus as follows:

2100 Tuesday December 9 Genesis TV (Sky 592) followed by live phone-in
0100 Wednesday December 10 Revelation TV (Sky 585)
0800 Wednesday December 10 Genesis TV (Sky 592)
1330 Wednesday December 10 Revelation TV (Sky 585)

Sourse: Release Update, November 2008

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I have written an in depth article about Revelation TV here:

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