Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Peacemaking for Remembrance Sunday

The Methodist Church is encouraging services for Remembrance Sunday to reflect on the call to be peacemakers.

This year marks 90 years since the end of the First World War - the war to end all wars. It is a fitting tribute to those who have died that The Church honours their memory and continues to work for peace and justice

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Sally said...

It is a great resource Olive, thanks for the link

Granny Annie said...

Olive, I have opened The UMR for this week and found the story of your Methodist blogging. My father was a United Methodist minister for over forty years and my brother has just retired after his forty. I am becoming a bit of a blacksheep backslider as I find the Methodist doctrine's dwindling away. It is with eagerness and admiration that I plan to become acquainted with your musings of over eighty years. Also, we have an expected grand niece in February and her name is to be Olive:-)

Olive Morgan said...

Welcome, Annie. It is good to meet you - and i look forward to hearing all about my namesake when she arrives. I was quite shocked to be interviewed by email like that, but life hasn't been the same since I was given my computer for my 80th birthday. I know what you mean about Methodism, but please don't give up on it, for I feel that (at least here in the UK) the Spirit is moving and this will be very apparent in the coming years. Right through the Scriptures and all down the years of Methodism's history there have always been times of decline (and almost despair) followed by new life and invigorating renewal. At the same time there is a much greater movement towards all Christians working together than any of us envisaged years ago.