Monday, 17 November 2008


I've been struggling with this week's assignment for our Disciple 4 group tonight - to tie up the Proverbs with the Ten Commandments. The one I really got stuck with is 'Keep the Sabbath day holy.' I can't find a proverb that links with that! That's one way to make us read and re-read the Proverbs, isn't it? But not even my concordances have been able to help with this one! Well, I shall soon find out what the others have made of this assignment!

On a lighter note, now that I am slightly diabetic, the Proverb I like best (in a modern translation) is 'Eat too much chocolate and you will be sick.'


Olive Morgan said...

Everyone in the group had found the same problem with those commandments.

Now we are having two weeks on Ecclesiastes one from the perspective of everything being futile and leading to death and one fromm the perspective of enjoying life! Interestying!

see-through faith said...

'Eat too much chocolate and you will be sick.'

love that

but my personal motto is 'eating chocolate for the glory of God'

I like your Discipleship course. Do post more about it won't you? :)

Olive Morgan said...

Ha! Ha! Lorna. I said to my friends on the way home that they certainly intend that we shall really study Ecclesiastes. There is usually too much laughter for us to be sick. On Monday, one of the men interpreted one of the psalms as 'Olive hasn't given me a kiss, so I can't give her an honest answer!'