Sunday, 28 December 2008

Methodist Church calls for international pressure to bring an end to Gaza conflict

In light of the escalating conflict in Gaza over the last 24 hours, the Methodist Church is calling for international pressure on both Israel and Hamas to bring an end to the violence.

Steve Hucklesby, Public Issues Policy Advisor, said; "The devastating death toll resulting from Israeli air strikes has shocked many. Rather than improving security, this action by Israel could compound conflict in the region. It is also likely to make it more difficult to bring regional powers together in a search for solutions. Both Hamas and Israel must respond to the UN Security Council call for an immediate end to all military operations.

"We call on the EU, United States and the UN to bring increased pressure on Israel and on Hamas to refrain from violence. At this time of year when the focus of Christians around the world is on the Holy Land we pray for courageous leadership in the cause of peace.

“Before the recent outbreaks of violence, Gaza was already suffering a dire humanitarian situation has not been helped by Israel’s blockade and restrictions on relief supplies. Now food, fuel and medical supplies are needed urgently.”

Source: Methodist News Service 28/12/2008


Carol E. said...

I am also appalled... and I am soooo hopeful that our new President Obama will react with something sensible, and some real help at addressing these deep-seated hatreds.

Carol E. said...

OK, I introduced myself just before Christmas and now I want to tell you about my son. He is a member of an a capella choir at Hamline University which is a Methodist-sponsored college in Minnesota. The Hamline A Capella Choir is traveling to England and Wales this January!! I just thought I'd mention his concert locations in case you are anywhere nearby and could go hear some goregous choral music. They will sing in Islip, Whitley Bay, Orpington-Kent, and one concert in Wales. Are you close by any of those sites?

Olive Morgan said...

Dear Carol. Islip is the nearest location to me, being about 33 miles away on the other side of Oxford. I am not a car driver and at the moment can't think of anyone who would drive me there and back, but in a car it would take about 50 minutes if traffic is running smoothly. It's easy enough to get to Oxford by bus or train but if it's an evening concert geting back might be a problem. Anyway, first, let me know the date and venue and time of the Islip concert and then I can consider the possibiliites.

So we have choral music in common, Carol, because my son conducts his own choir

Carol E. said...

Jan. 15, St. Nicholas Church Islip, Confessors' Gate- High Street, 8:00 p.m.
I understand about travel and night time events.. no pressure, just do what you want to which may include staying home!

Olive Morgan said...

H'mm. 8pm sounds rather late, so I may not manage to be there. We'll see.