Wednesday, 10 December 2008

An Urgent Message from Oxfam

Decision makers are meeting this week in Brussels and Poland for crucial climate talks.

It's within their power to be bold and agree to action that will help avoid catastrophic climate change, yet they're on the brink of agreeing a shambolic, watered down position that risks locking us into a climate disaster.

We're facing a decision moment - let's demand bold, global action to tackle climate change

European countries are working out policy that should cement Europe's position as a global leader on climate change. Instead, some nations are inappropriately using the economic crisis as a reason to water down any serious plans.

The truth is that we don't have to choose between the economic crisis and the climate crisis - by investing in green jobs, and clean technology we can tackle both.

The irresponsible actions of some EU nations are now spilling over to UN climate talks, threatening to unravel any wider, global deal.

Oxfam's team of negotiators are working hard behind the scenes at the UN talks – piling the pressure on decision makers to get these critical meetings back on track.

There's no time to lose – demand bold, global action to tackle climate change

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Karina Brisby said...

Thanks for posting about the urgent situation in the Climate Talks.

You can find outmore at Oxfam's website