Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Churches’ Media Conference 2009

My friend Tony Miles is inviting faith leaders tothe Churches' Media Conference and, because i feel that it is important for the leaders of our churches to meet the media people and discuss ways in which they can help each other, I have reproduced below his invitation posted on his blog. I hope it will inspire many to book for this conference. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

"IMPACT! Media shaping culture shaping faith

What impact does the media have on society? What impact can people of faith have on the media?

The Churches’ Media Conference 2009 will ask what story the media is telling about our society and its values. We will invite the production community to look at itself in the mirror and ask what values are shaping it. And we’ll ask whether churches and other faith communities can discover new and constructive ways to exercise influence in the new media environment.

I’m writing to let you know that bookings are now open. The conference will take place from Monday 8th - Wednesday 10th June 2009 at the Hayes Conference Centre, Derbyshire. To book your place just go to http://www.tonymiles.co.uk/blog/

If you don’t have a password you can register on the site.

The Churches’ Media Conference provides a unique opportunity for media professionals and faith leaders to engage in a lively debate about the impact of the media on society. Once again we’re grateful to our friends at Bible Society for joining us as principle sponsors of the conference. And once again we’ll have a bursary fund to support those who would otherwise not be able to attend.

Please would you help us get the word out by forwarding this information to anyone you know who may be interested in joining us."

Don't miss this opportunity to have your say.


Carol E. said...

Olive, I just wanted to tell you that my son had a great trip to England and Wales with his university choir in January. They enjoyed beautiful, sunny weather which is quite unlike what they had anticipated. And he said he "hit the jackpot" with his home stay families. Your fellow citizens treated my son well and represented your country well. Hooray!

Olive Morgan said...

That's very good to hear, Carol, and I'm so glad that he enjoyed the trip so much - and that he came when he did! My next post will be about quite different weather which could have jeopardised the choir's trip. In fact I'm wondering whether all the members of the Methodist Youth Brass Band will arrive at our church on Friday because travelling conditions are so bad.