Friday, 13 February 2009

A Varied Programme

For bloggers who are also musicians, I shall try to describe the very varied music played by the Nationl Methodist Youth Brass Band on Saturday 7th March at Caversham Heights Methodist Church, Reading.

"Deep Harmony” (The first piece ever played by the band.)

The quick march “Punchinello” by Rimmer with a solo by one of the band who is studying music at Salford university.

Peter Graham's New Zealand piece “Hine e Hine"

“Don't it make my brown eyes blue” by Brian Blessed with Heather, a cornet player for 13 years, 4 of them with this band, and playing for the last time with the NMYBB.

“Londonderry Air”

Then Oliver who has been with the NMYBB since 1995 and is a trumpeter and conductor took over the baton to conduct music from the film “Out of Africa”, with Matthew playing for the first time with the NMYBB playing the 1st baritone solo.

“Dee Zee” (which is Dutch for “The Sea”. First written for a football occasion, this piece contained several solos.

“The Bass in the Ballroom” provided a wonderful opportunity for Duncan to play the E Flat Major solo on his Bass Trombone.

“James’ Patrol” contained several well-known tunes like 'You for me’, ‘'My Highland Laddie'’ and 'Auld Lang Syne' and it ended as described in my precious post, much to everyone's amusement.


When we returned to our seats, the music of “Birdland" allowed the percussionists in particular to entertain us with their skills.

Next, three cornet players gave us an expert rendering of Leroy Anderson's “The Bugler's Holiday”

Rebecca from Barrow in Cumbria humorously introduced music from Andrew Lloyd Weber's “Cats”, inviting us to guess the cat - the tomcat, the ginger cat, the scaredy cat and the Persian cat.

Oliver played “Andante” by Roger Thorne and was followed by

“The Muppet Show” arranged by Philip Harper.

We then enjoyed a beautiful setting of “Amazing Grace”before the final item of

“The Pirates of Penzance” which brought the concert to a fitting climax.

In response to the loud applause and cries of “Encore”, the band treated us to a very special setting of “Crimond”.

It was a very professional and entertaining evening and we still had the morning service of worship with this very talented and dedicated Christian band.


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