Sunday, 23 September 2007


A network of Christians from the UK farming community are offering emergency advice and help to farmers plunged into crisis following foot and mouth culling. Farm Crisis Network (FCN) is working with local churches and clergy to support Surrey farmers affected by restrictions on movement and livestock losses. FCN is running a national phone line staffed by volunteers. It has also helped some farmers obtain licences to move their animals and found financial support for some through the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution. Deputy coordinator Helen Bagwell is also writing to supporters, asking churches to pray for farmers as harvest approaches.
Source: Baptist Times (20/9)

With this morning's news that an animal on a farm (near Ipswich, I think) has been found to have 'blue tongue' disease - which would require similar restrictions to those required for foot-and-mouth disease - the help of Farm Crisi Network and the prayers of the churches will be needed all the more. The 'blue tongue' outbreak is caused by mosquitoes and this would seem to link it with the recent report of a huge increase in midges and mosquitoes here due to the unusual weather this summer.

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