Thursday, 20 September 2007

Jesus Stills the Storm

When the days of turmoil are ended
And we all join hands together
Follow the golden path before us
Where we will remain forever.

He will control the violent force
Of evil, pain and despair
What a glorious blessing
As He meets each of us up there.

Walk humbly with your God
Drift not into a love of sinful things
Jesus will still the turbulent storms
Glory and salvation, He brings.

Make no excuses or falter
For He walks daily with you
Give your life to Jesus
He will bless you through and through.

There are many rooms in our Father's house
Where he awaits you and me
He will raise the dead and heal the sick
The glory of Heaven we shall see.

As he stills the storm in our life
Let us kneel and pray
That God enter into our hearts
And stay with us each day.

© 2006 Ginny Bryant
Journey Of Love

Reproduced by permission

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