Monday, 24 September 2007

Online Bible Study Highlights

This week's Online Bible Study theme on is Oppression and Injustice and today's Bible notes by this week's author, Alison Parker, starts us off today after her notes on Luke 16: 1-13 with the following questions to ponder:-

How does money affect your relationships?

If Jesus was making these points to the religious leaders and powerful men of the day, who might these comments be aimed at today?

Is there a link with power, wealth and a temptation to take one’s eyes off God?

Today's Bible study and questions occur on the same morning as a discussion on the BBC's Today programme between John Humphries and one of the Controllers of the BBC about the impending cuts in BBC programmes because of shortage of money. It is clear that money affects my relationship with the BBC if it changes the quality and content of future programmes and we will all be eager to see what decisions are made in the meeting about to be held. There have, to date, been too many programmes that rely on the winning of money to gain an audience, often replacing more educational programmes. We were told that whatever decisions are made, they will endeavour to include something of interest to all sections of the community.

Going back to the Online Bible Study, I can recommend a daily visit as a good start to each day, giving plenty to think about throughout the day and perhaps stimulating us to add comments at the end of the day. I do hope that this new service will grow into a vital online fellowship, not only within the Methodist connexion but with many other followers of Jesus. Thank you to all the authors and to those responsible for setting it up.

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