Tuesday, 25 September 2007


The Churches Advertising Network (CAN) has created an island in the virtual world of Second Life and is inviting online seekers to come ashore and ‘Have a second go at life’. Second Life consultant Andrew Down has built the island as a version of first-century Palestine and furnished it with the St Pixels church, cafes, pubs and pools for meditating by. CAN member Simon Jenkins said that Second Life users generally ‘tend to be a bit hostile to organised religion’. So they deliberately incorporated some fun elements to the island, such as the Everlasting Arms pub, the We Three Kings of Orient Arbucks coffee bar and the Zacchaeus bonsai shop. The island will be linked to CAN’s ‘real life’ advertising campaign this Christmas inviting people to take ‘a second chance at life’.

Source: The Times (21/9)


Lewis Nerd said...

Hi, great to see another mention! Yes, I'm the guy that built the Second Life place. We got a mention on the Radio 4 "Sunday" programme this week which you can listen to on their website.

Hope you get an opportunity to sign up and to see you on the island.

liturgy said...

There has been a surprisingly negative article to Anglicans in Second Life at Anglicans Online.

I respond here

Blessings in Christ