Friday, 21 September 2007

Oldest blogger?

On my recent return to regular blogging I was pleased to find a comment from who thought he was the only octogenarian blogger. Then the other night I was listening to an interview on the World Service with 'the oldest known blogger, 107 year old Olive from Australia'! The next morning - not knowing about this interview - my daughter in Vietnam emailed me to say that she had been amused to notice a website called (this one under the title 'The Life of Riley'), so in my mind I linked the two and was curious to read about my Aussie namesake. However, the website is not a normal blog but a conversation with Olive and, if you read it, you will find that she has a laugh at the time when she faked being a blogger and fooled the two journalists who came to see her. You can hear her saying, "I was sitting at the 'oojah-thing' (here she is prompted, 'the computer' ) 'and they said 'You play it real well.' So I laughed and said I've never played it in my life! I don't know a thing about it." Well, she may not be a real blogger, not even doing the typing, but she's a remarkable character and one worth celebrating.

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gavin richardson said...

that is pretty interesting. i'll have to check that stuff out.