Saturday, 17 January 2009

Methodist Youth President

Have you been keeping up with the newly-appointed - or should it be 'newly-elected' - Methodist Youth President lately? I fancy that the answer is 'No' because I have just discovered that her blog is hidden on the connexional website! I had gone to to check something else but there on the home page was 'Methodist Youth President - Sarah Malik' and I thought I would see what came under that label. I did not expect to find Sarah's blog there!

Try it some time and you will find it very interesting. But why was it necesary to tie Sarah's blog into the connexional site? Would it not have been more accessible to the young people whom she is serving and representing this year if it had been floating free like our blogs and that of the President and Vice-President? Whatever, do please go to read her blog and encourage her as much as you can.


seethroughfaith said...

it's hard to encourage her when the blog doesn't allow comments :(


for those who are looking for the blog this is the address

I agree with you Olive, it would be great if it were more easily found. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have found it that's for sure.

And it raises the question is Sarah elected for the methodist youth - or is she elected to reach out to young people (also outside of the MC) - the blog speaks for the former -and I wonder about its missional impact then.

of course the blog itself won't make that much of a difference but it does seem a wasted opportunity somehow.

Good for the church that they are employing DYE (youth enablers) but I hope it's not just cosmetic surgery -(what's in a name afterall) but these people are given real support AND flexibility in how to reach and disciple young people.

Love what she wrote about the service in urdu in Slough though didn't you?

seethroughfaith said...

correction. Now I found out that you can comment. it's just that that top post was so long with squiggles in the middle and dates that it wasn't very clear to me that that was ONE post.

I'm off to comment now

Olive Morgan said...

Thank you, Lorna, for finding that our Youth President DOES have a blog just like the rest of us. I only found it because of the link on the front page of .

I believe Sarah is also using Facebook, so for all I know, she is making good contact with young people in that way. They are certainly not contacting her on her 'methodistyouthpres' blog.

As for your main question, I understood from her blog that she is resident at Cliff College during her year as Youth President, so perhaps you can make contact with her while you're there? Be sure to keep us posted about her reply though, please.

Methodist Youth President 08-09 said...

Dear seethroughfaith,

The blog isnt really tied to the site, it is just a blogger site, but If you have any ideas as to where it should be advertised etc, Id love to hear it. I dont get a lot of time to think about these things, so i really appreciate it!

I am offically elected to be the voice of the methodist young people, within the church. However, this does not stop me talking to and speaking for those outside the church.

Infact, all the people who have been commenting and chatting on my blog, seem to be those of an older intelligence, from what i can acertain anyway.

God bless you both

Olive Morgan said...

Yes, Sarah, we are! That is what is niggling at me, for I feel you are not reaching young people through the Blogspot server. It is definitely NOT a young person's server, judging by all those with whom I have been in contact.

I began blogging with Modblog as my server and on that I was besieged withyoung people and it was most rewarding. But Modblog went out of business and since then I have been aching to find myself in contact with young people again. You may find that Facebook puts you in touch with your age group but I have found no other server to pull the young bloggers in like Modblog did. Sorry!