Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Year Musings

It has been so good over the last few days to have been able to give and receive so many Happy New Year greetings and to read of fellow bloggers' hopes and dreams for 2009, as well as their summing up of their journey through 2008. This is one of the joys of blogging - to be able to share with each other, especially the past triumphs or disappointments and the future expectations, as well as to pray for those who are suffering (as Paul (turbulent cleric)is at present) or who have been bereaved.

It is like belonging to a big family and I have great pleasure in letting everyone know that one blogging friend who has been missed for some time has now signalled her return to the Methoblogosphere.
MICKY YOUNGSON is now blogging again but has had to change from the old name of Singing Colours to the new name of sacredwells.blogspot.com, so please visit her blog and welcome her back.

But for all the 'Happy New Year's we have shared with each other, we are all aware that for many others (like John on the Zeray Gazette, families in Gaza and other places at war) the beginning of the year does not signify happiness nor an expectation of it. So I want to share a prayer with you all today -

Persisting God:
the passing years do not dim your memory,
nor stop your ears, nor dim your eyes.

In your mercy, call to mind the prayers we offered
in the year that has passed.
We offer you again the pain,thepity, the horror,
the grief and the daily necessity
which filled our hearts and minds.

Draw together the gathering of prayers
which we have offered throughout the year,
and tenderly bless, dear Lord.

We pray this day for those who find excitement
and renewal in seasons of change;
- whisper in their hearts the things which endure.
We pray also for those who find beginnings and endings hard;
- assure them of your contining companionship.

In the darkness which is ahead, be our guide;
In the pain which awaits us, be our balm;
In the sorrow which will fill us, be our secret smile;
In the sickness which will afflict us, be our inner health;
In the laughter which will be part of us, be our lasting joy.

We offer you this bundle of prayers
as we begin this year.
Draw them close together in your hands
and hold them to your heart,
and tenderly bless, dear Lord.


Carol E. said...

That is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

Wow..I loved that prayer...thanks for posting it...

Olive Morgan said...

I'm so glad you both appreciated it. With so many Ministers in the Methoblogosphere, I am always a little hesitant to post prayers, but it summed up for me the way I was feeling about wishing people a 'Happy New Year'.

Micky said...

Thanks Olive, a lovely prayer and important sentiments at this time of unease and the devastation in Palestine.

Also thanks for promoting my Blog! I look forward to lots of visitors.

seethroughfaith said...

Hope you are surviving the freezing weather.

Don't skimp with the heating!

Olive Morgan said...

Thanks, Lorna. I'm well wrapped up against the cold but it's a bit too cold for me so I haven't been out much unless taken by car. I like to see the snow on my garden but not the frost. I shall be so glad to welcome the Spring. I hope all your travels go well, and your dissetation also.

Sally said...

Thank you Olive