Saturday, 17 January 2009

‘Noah’s Ark’ will be built in Wales

The churches of Cardiff are recreating Noah’s Ark using ‘Helwick LV 14’, a ship docked in Cardiff Bay, to highlight climate change. The idea is part of Operation Noah’s Ark, a Christian–led campaign that aims to unite churches, environmental groups and individuals in a call for urgent action at the Copenhagen climate talks at the end of this year. Cardiff’s Ark project will involve schoolchildren, teachers, parents, churches, environmentalists, development organisations, a Salvation Army band, a gospel choir and live animals. The Ark symbolises the need to protect life on our planet, and is one of many Arks being recreated by churches in Britain and Ireland.

Sources: Church Times (14/1); Ekklesia (13/1)


Can I draw your attention to my post headed 'Nostalgia', which spent so long in the 'Drafts' box that (although dated 13th January) it has just appeared on my blog!



Granny Annie said...

Your Methodists seem to be a lot cooler than our Methodists!

Read Nostalgia too and wonder if you will attend the 250th anniversary?

Olive Morgan said...

Alas, Grannie Annie, our church here is celebrating its Centenary this year and has planned events throughout the year and there is a VIP preacher planned for Wesley Day here too.