Monday, 5 January 2009

White Christmas?

This morning we had a light dusting of snow - nothing at all compared with what we had in October - and Christmas doesn't end until tomorrow (Tuesday), so can we say that we had a white Christmas?

The forecasters told us that tonight is going to be the coldest night of the winter - down to -10 - although none of the cars have frost on them yet.

Tonight at our Disciple 4 Bible study group one of the exercises we were set asked us to 'Turn Job 28 into a litany consisting of several statements, with each statement followed by a refrain on where wisdom is found.' At first we all drew a blank after finding that the only postive statement on wisdom came right at the end. Then light dawned and we found it a very good exercise indeed. We turned all the negative statements into questions like, 'Is wisdom to be found in the silver seams of the rocks?' followed by the refrain, 'The fear of the Lord is Wisdom' and so on. Then it became a powerful litany.

Next week we are looking forward to studying the Song of Solomon. That's great!


Micky said...

Hi Olive
Micky Youngson here - finally getting back into blogging after a long sabatical! Just to let you know that Singing Colours had to go because I don't have the same email address, so cannot access it to change it. However it has been reborn as So visit soon!! And Happy New Year

If you could let other Methodist Bloggers that you are in contact with know I would be grateful. xx

Olive Morgan said...

Welcome back, Micky! I will certainly let people know that you're blogging again. Happy New Year and may God bless you throughout 2009.