Friday, 30 January 2009

Thursdays in Black

With the Middle-Eastern situation remaining fragile, Methgodist support is being sought for an international peace campaign that has its roots in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza.

The campaign, "Thursdays in Black", asks people to wear a specially made black T-shirt or other item of black clothing every Thursday, in solidarity with women "who suffer every day of the week". It brings together various strands of peace protest from around the world, including the "Women in Black" of Gaza.

The movement is supported by the British Unit of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women (WFMUCW)working in collaboration with the Methodist Church's Women's Network, which sell special T-shirts and badges to raise awareness of violence against women, wherever and whenever it occurs.

In response to the last few weeks of military action in the Gaza Strip, the WFMUCW and Women's Network have once again taken the opportunity to remind Methodists of this initiative. In addition they are suggesting that people come together and pray for peace each Thursday.

WFMUCW British unit correspondent Jill Baker believes the campaign represents "one samll way in which we can offer our solidarity to those suffering in this conflict". 2Thursdays in Black" was launched by the World Council of Churches in the 1980s as a peaceful stand against some of the by-products of war and conflict; namely rape, violence and fear of violence.

Special campaign T-shirts are available from WFMUCW British unit treasurer Ann Baarda (tel: 01757 709 057 or e-mail

Source: Methodist Recorder 29/01/2009


Carol E. said...

I had not heard of Thursdays in Black before, but I did a web search and found more info. I am going to start wearing black on Thursdays. Thanks for introducing me to this idea.

Olive Morgan said...

That's good, Carol. I wear the T-shirt in the summer and it's a good conversation starter, but it's too cold for T-shirts at present and so I have a badge which says 'I wear black on Thursdays'.