Sunday, 26 July 2009

Bible Study Courses

I was a bit disappointed that no-one commented on my report that our Circuit Disciple group had completed our study of the Disciple 4 course, especially as I believe we are probably the first group in the UK to have done so. This is probably because I mentioned it in my post on our Circuit Farewell Service. It could also be because of the current difficulties being experienced by the Methodist Publishing House that necessitates all study materials having to be ordered direct from Cokesbury in America via the Disciple website

However, I want to draw attention to the tremendous benefits that come from the study of the Disciple Courses - in discipline, in fellowship and, most of all, in personal transformation as we all walk closer with Jesus. It seems very daunting at first to commit to spending 34 weeks in in-depth Bible study (for the Disciple 1 course means covering most of the Bible in nine months), but all who make this commitment speak enthusiastically of the experience. Personally, I found the Disciple 2 course to have the deepest, most lasting effect on my Christian journey, though each course added to the others.

So I would urge you to seriously consider committing yourselves to a Disciple course this year. When a number of members in the same church commit themselves in this way, the effect on the church is quite extraordinary.

But if you really and truly feel that such a long commitment is not for you, please consider whether your house group could follow one of the six short Disciple courses that are now available, covering 8, 10 or 11 weeks. The titles of these are -

Invitation to Psalms
Invitation to John
Invitation to the New Testament
Invitation to the Old Testament
Invitation to Genesis
Invitation to Romans

Also I was surprised to find that after Disciple 4, they list two further 30-week courses -

Jesus in the Gospels and

Christian Believer

I am excited to read about 'Christian Believer' on the Disciple website because it looks to me as though this study could revitalise a church if enough people could be signed up to discover what it is we Christians really believe!

If you are alone in wanting to take a Disciple course, I have good news for you! I understand that, just as blogging and Facebook can form groups of friends, it is now posible to become part of an on-line Disciple group! So do make enquiries about this, if you think this is the way in for you.

Finally, I heard a whisper that our Connexional Team are about to resurrect the resourcing of Disciple courses in the UK. I do hope and pray that this is more than a rumour because the Disciple courses are such a powerful tool to enable earnest, committed Christians to grow. Over to you!


seethroughfaith said...

I first came across this training in Estonia. there is some good stuff that comes out of UMC :)

Granny Annie said...

I have always wanted to join a Disciple Bible Study group in our home church but now we are 80 miles away. I wish they had an internet group.

Olive Morgan said...

As I understand it, Grannie Annie, it is for people like you that Internet groups were mooted. I think you ought to email Cokesbury and ask if it's possible for you to join an Internet group. I do hope you can - and please let me know what happens!

Anonymous said...

I must have missed your post on Disciple. I normally comment on it when you mention it! I was pleased to see that in one of the packets I got from the connexion (I think it was my pay cheque one) it had a pamphlet for Disciple. Hopefully, they mean to promote it.

My grandmother has done Christian Believer, and she really enjoyed it. She said it was a lot of deep reading from across the tradition. On the Cokesbury site, they have some downloadable samples.

gmc4jesus said...

When we get to heaven, there is only going to be one question on the final. "Who is Jesus?" Getting To Know Jesus will help you prepare for that question. This non-denominational Bible study looks at every event in the life and teachings of Jesus to see how we can become more like Him.

Start Getting To Know Jesus by going to It will change your life.

God bless

Olive Morgan said...

Thanks, Will. I have seen these examples on the Cokesbury site.I'd like to do 'Christian Believer' if I can persuade others to join me.

Thanks, gmc4jesus, it certainly sounds very good. If only more people would do these courses!